Target Audience

Primary Audience: 16-18 years olds

 Demographically, targeting the School of Humanities and Communication arts to a younger proportion of individuals aged between 16-18 years old will prove beneficial for the Western Sydney University. Ideally, this target audience will be High School students or recent school leavers looking to progress in their tertiary education. This targeted population will be within the Western Sydney region, targeting schools located within the Parramatta to Blue Mountains district.

Secondary Audience: 19-25 year olds

‘People do not start out as customers, they begin as prospects who are viewing a business’ offerings’ (Stokes, 2013, p.205)

While it is important to specify a primary niche audience, it is also important for an entity not to limit the reach of a campaign, hence developing a secondary audience. The merit of considering a secondary audience is to ensure that we do not limit the campaign merely to high school students/leavers but expand to consider those who’ve taken gab years, or adults who seek to revisit their tertiary education.



Positioning WSU’s School of Humanities & Communication Arts Courses to most effectively target this demographic will be achieved through the development of incentives, introducing credible social media tactics aimed at targeting these demographics to engage with the university (Bagshaw, 2017). Developing an online presence will communicate with these niche segments the universities willingness to progress their business model, positioning themselves as an engaging, innovative and progressive university (Paa & McWhirter, 2000). This will subsequently encourage engagement by high school students / leavers to collaborate with the society in their social marketing efforts, fulfilling the overarching objective of this digital strategy of gaining enrolments into the HCA realm.

Targeting these primary and secondary audiences through social content marketing will effectively ‘attract, acquire and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of driving customer action’ (Content Marketing Institute, 2013; Stokes, 2013).