Strategy Research

The core of the strategy revolved around social media. We have chosen 3 main social medias that best represent the target audience. Google search (SEO & PPC) will also be utilised as a secondary strategy.


Snapchat is the core component to our strategy as the app is gaining huge popularity amongst the target audience of high school students. Combining elements from other social media’s Snapchat has been able to create it’s own extremely unique platform. Snapchat has taken over with the younger audience due to its innovation of features. Looking at previous campaigns run by businesses on Snapchat, it is clear that with a minimal budget we can create a desire to engage with WSU.

Key points for Snapchat (Bennett, 2016):

  • 31% of 4,000,000 Snapchat users are aged 18-24
  • 23% of 4,000,000 Snapchat users are aged 13-17


Facebook was chosen based on its heavy popularity and ability to have targeted sponsored ads. By utilising Facebook effectively, we can not only have an organic posting campaign, but we can also create highly targeted ads to appear to high school students. Facebook’s ad targeting is very precise which means we can effectively get our message across.

Key points for Facebook (Delaforce, 2016):

  • 910,000 Facebook users aged between 13-17 (6.5%)
  • 2,600,000 Facebook users aged between 18-24 (18.5%)
  • 31.5% of all Facebook users are in NSW


Instagram was an obvious choice based on its rising popularity amongst the young people. It is more fresh and trendy compared to Facebook and has huge popularity amongst the younger audience. Posting interesting content has a high chance of reaching the followers feed which means the message will be more effective. The main notable issue is to achieve the number of followers.

Key points for Instagram (Ramondo, 2015):

  • 550,000 Instagram users aged between 13-17
  • 1,500,000 users aged between 18-24

Google Search

Google search remains a important but not primary strategy for the campaign. We aim to increase awareness through social medias as that is where the target audience are, however Google search is still critical as people of all ages will look to Google when either seeking to action their enrolment or seek out further information. We need to ensure that when the audience are aware of WSU and are looking for more information, WSU is visible immediately through common Google search.

Vital keywords to consider:

Keyword Avg. monthly searches
Communications degree 8,100
Communications major 14,800
Degree in communications 1,600
Journalism degree 3,600
Journalism courses 9,900
Advertising degree 1,000
Advertising courses 1,300
Public relations courses 3,600
Public relations degree 1,600
Pr degree 720
Media degree 590
Media courses 1,900