Primary Stakeholders:

High school students

Key Stakeholders: 

Key stakeholders will influence the planning and budget for the campaign. Being in contact with the Dean and the Director of the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, are able to provide input regarding the current situation and enrolments the campaign is aimed to increase.

  • Professor Peter Hutchings (Dean of the School of Humanities and Communication Arts)
Location: 5.G.07 Bankstown (campus
Contact number: (02) 9772 6103
  • Associate Professor Gwyneth Howell (Director  Engagement)
 Location: ED.G.39 Parramatta (Campus)
Contact number: (02) 9685 9581

Secondary Stakeholders:  

General Public and Parents

Secondary Stakeholders have an indirect relationship with the Western Sydney University. They do not fall under employees or directors and don’t have any direct engagement with the university but can still be influential. They will be required to change the perception of the university. Due to their vocal persona’s they can influence high school students.

Project Stakeholders

Team RAVAR- will be responsible for the creation of the project and analysing the results underlying the success of the Find Your Future campaign.  Project Stakeholders will be communicating directly with the Key stakeholders

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