Measurement & Analysis


“The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is   to determine what you should be doing.”— John Russell

Customer engagement is the emotional connection between a customer and a brand. Highly engaged customers demonstrate loyalty and will promote more. Based on our campaign providing a high-quality customer experience is an important component for our customer engagement. As social media is becoming the dominant method for communication across the globe, creating both a need for active response and  opportunity for brand sentiment improvement is essential. An effective social engagement strategy is driven by social listening and analysis, which can be conducted through social analytics tools such as Youtube Analytics, Google Analytics and Hootsuite.


Youtube Analytics monitors the performance of the WSU channel and the video content that will uploaded for the #FUF campaign providing us with up-to-date metrics and reports of its performance. It will enable us to filter the data based on the examples below:

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.28.44 pm

Through these filters were able to analyse the impact and engagement the campaign video has had amongst our target audience at a free cost.This analytic tool will also allow us to create graphs in which they can be easily interpreted to measure the performance.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.28.29 pm

The generated graphs will be used to better understand our target audience and to be alert of the times they interact on their social media accounts. Other tools will be incorporated to measure other aspects of the campaign.


Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides an insight “into a businesses’ digital marketing activities” and to allow it to build a successful online presence (Stokes, 2014, p.5). Google Analytics will take advantage of the digital information provided by our target audience through its four main components, the data collection, the data processing, the configuration and reporting. The tool is designed to incorporate digital mechanisms that allow it to collect information from mobile phones, computers, home appliances, the world-wide web and create customised reports will allow us to analyse, set, track and achieve our objectives and goals.

Google Analytics  will be very effective for our for the find your future campaign. Stokes (2014) states that digital marketing sets to segment the audience precisely based on geography and brand interactions along with being able to measure every click projected by a customer.  Regarding our campaign by using Google Analytics it will enable us to use these filters to manage and monitor the WSU social webpages to improve the School of Humanities and Communication Arts, understanding the needs and wants for our potential and current students.

Youtube analytics already offers some of these options however, with google analytics enable us to measure the amount of likes or clicks we receive on our social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube. It will provide us with an intel on what web page is popular amongst our target audience that is leading our target audience to the main page  (School of Humanities and Communication Arts- WSU). Gaining more information on the way our audience interacts we are able to also monitor which conversations and campaign posts are  increasing traffic for the #FUF campaign. While we have google analytics to measure our content, Hootsuite will allow us to keep up with the posts and interact directly with our target audience.


Our campaign will be engaging on multiple social media channels. Through the use of Hootsuite, we are able “to save time managing all aspects of our social media presence while revolutionising the way we reach our audience” (Hootsuite, 2017). Generating our content by interacting with the user-friendly desktop will allow us the ability of scheduling and posting social media messages, listening to relevant social media conversations, attach videos and photos to multiple social networks and to run an effective social media campaign (Hootsuite, 2017). Hootsuite will enable us to have control of what is viewed on the WSU pages including posts from customers. Based on the 4 members of team RAVAR, work tasks can be allocated to each team member when unavailable. This encourages consistency of monitoring the details presented on the selected networking outlets (Fb, Insta, Linked, Snapchat and Youtube) and interacting with the target audience directly. We must also be aware of each post and what keywords will be used to attract our target audience.


Google Adwords provides a free key word planner that will assist us on researching on what keywords that can used when posting on our social media websites. For example Instagram has a system of hashtags. This tool will also predict a forecast for how many likes and estimated conversations this would generate in order to reach our audience. However, it does not consider our target audience and their social behaviours, in which we must ensure that we posts information that will get lost in the noise.