Customer Profile Secondary Audience

Demographic: 19-25 Years Old

Ed Harding is a 23-year-old Male, who completed his School Certificate in year 10 and dropped out of High School shortly after. Ed Lives in a share-house in Parramatta with two of his high school friends and works full time at a marketing firm in the city of Sydney, making an annual income of $37,000. Ed’s responsibilities at work is managed by his boss, essentially working in an admin role due to his lack of tertiary education. Ed’s personal responsibilities include managing electricity, water and amenities fees amongst himself and his two housemates while managing his own personal finances. Ed feels as if his intelligence is overshadowed and has recently regretted his decision of dropping out of school; wishing he had completed his Higher School Certificate.



Due to his independence, Ed has gained an appreciation for frugal living, understanding the value of money, something he was not prone to appreciating when depending on his parents. Ed has also come to appreciate the importance of education and how important tertiary education is, for a successful career in marketing. While Ed regrets ending his education at a younger age he strives to challenge himself intellectually, purchasing interesting books & completing the paper’s cross-words to further challenge and develop his intelligence and knowledge. While he wishes he could go back to university, Ed does not resent the face he dropped out of high school as he has come to appreciate the importance of an education; knowledge he wouldn’t have gained had he continued his education.


Rational & Social Behaviours:  

Ed, like many high school leaver regrets leaving school at an early age and wishes there was some guidance in his decision making. Ed, like most millennials uses the digital realm to research and gain insight into almost everything and wishes there was more information readily available to him then, as there is now. Ed believes that if universities or high schools encouraged tertiary education in the mediums most susceptible by young millennials then the decisions to leave school by young students would be minimal. Now, 8 years after leaving year 10, Ed has researched his options as a year 10 school leaver, aiming to complete a diploma and degree at a flexible university, offering online courses while continuing to work full time.