Customer Profile Primary Audience

Demographic: 16-18 Years Old

Claire Thomson is a 17-year-old Female high school student from OLMC in Parramatta and has grown up in the Western Sydney Suburb of Oatlands for the entirety of her life. Claire lives with her three siblings and parents, in a middle-class household, where her responsibilities are limited due to her sheltered upbringing. Currently in year 12, Claire works part time at a local retail-clothing store, while preparing to sit and obtain her Higher School Certificate. Considered Generation Z, Claire is tech savvy and relies heavily on her mobile phone and the internet, particularly social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and especially Snapchat.


Striving to achieve good grades is what’s most important to Claire in her last year of high school, placing a lot of pressure on herself to do well; she is overwhelmed with the pressure to do well and confides in her family and friends for comfort. In an attempt to escape said pressures, Claire relies heavily on digital platforms including the social media outlets Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to take a break from studying.

In her spare time, Claire enjoys socialising with friends and family, travelling, music and most importantly her independence. Claire is confident, opinionated and digitally engaged with phones and laptops near by for easy connectivity to the digital sphere at any time; Claire feels lost and disconnected when away from technology.

Teamed with her passion for socialising and travel, Claire enjoys taking photos inspired by her hobbies, using the latest phone camera functionalities and editing applications for per personal social media content.


Rational & Social Behaviours:

Not knowing what career she’d like to pursue post-high school, Claire has been researching Internships to see what the job description entails. Exploring social media, Claire uses Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to view and discover information about tertiary education and interests in certain undergraduate programs.

When considering universities, Claire is concerned with the location and convenience of her preferences. She is particularly drawn to the Western Sydney University as it is a 5-minute drive from her home, placing this university as a rational option to consider due to its convenience and range to her home and family. Considering this university, Claire has searched the institution online, exploring their range of undergraduate programs, ATAR requirements and offerings suitable to her needs. From her research she identifies WSU as a reputable school of higher education.

Although Claire is self-sufficient she values the opinion of her friends and family and turns to them for help and advice. Her opinion of universities is influenced by the opinions of her friends (Soutar, 2002) as it provides her with a sense of confidence and approval in her choices.