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The #FindYourFuture campaign provides a focus on the career outcomes of a particular university degree, which is an undeniably defining factor for high school students considering their next step in Tertiary education.
Allowing this concept to be activated by one of the most influential social media platforms, ‘Snapchat’ connects even further to the demographic of high school students who are completely absorbed in this powerful form of media and communication.

As a Communications Degree at Western Sydney University can be deemed a choice of study that embraces creativity, individuality, a hands on, modern approach to study which is ahead of the curve in technology (since the degree encourages the use of social media and digital technology!) hosting an interactive and involving ‘scavenger hunt’ appears an ideal activity to engage prospect students towards the study choice.

Traditional forms of marketing are slowly becoming redundant and younger demographics and not responding to them, especially when it comes to university conversations. The proposed snapchat activity relates closely to high school students and their interests. Social media, their phone and taking photos!


Snapchat has a variety of benefiting factors that all contribute to a powerful and engaging marketing campaign. It is a platform to capture photos and videos, live chat with friends and followers, add customisable features/filters/borders/graphics to their moments and one of the most prominent features being that everything uploaded and shared is destructible during a desired time frame, increasing urgency and frequent engagement from followers towards available content.

The #Findyourfuture snapchat campaign leverages off all of these factors.


Commencing the campaign with a “snapchat take over” using the assistance of a media influential in a communications career. They will take over the Western Sydney University snapchat account and start promoting messaging around the upcoming #findyourfuture scavenger hunt at the Western Sydney Uni Open Day. The concept of a ‘snapchat take over’ allows followers the opportunity to closely interact with a particular person linked to the account. Using someone of recognition in a communications career (such as a media personality) not only engages prospect students with their status, but their working environment and lifestyle can also be showcased in the footage, enticing viewers with behind the scenes access to inspiring career outcomes.


The new profile photo for the account during the #findyourfuture campaign. The concept of someone looking like they are investigating ties in well with the ‘scavenger hunt concept’ and the alignment with the Western Sydney University Logo is the obvious link between the marketing campaign and the university itself.

The snapchat stories hosted during the take over will announce the upcoming #findyourfuture scavenger hunt hosted at the Western Sydney Uni open day. To keep followers engaged, each video will release particular clues around the campaign including areas, landmarks, timings etc. The disposable video content only promotes more urgency for followers to stay engaged with the account and anything that appears remotely competitive, we believe can generate excitement.


As part of the campaign, various promotional images will be released through a paid social campaign using Western Sydney Universities existing Facebook page.

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Each of these images will be themed around the four majors of the School of Communications and Arts, drawing attention to this particular direction in study. Using recognizable approaches as if to promote a movie, a news story or another month’s issue of a magazine, this concept will attempt to have the audience resonate with familiar interests (being movies and media) and generate curiosity around the lead up of whatever is “coming soon”.


On the day of the WSU Open Day at the Parramatta Campus, the hunt will commence. The lead up to the day as mentioned will consist of paid social posts directing the audience to the snapchat account to start engaging in the snapchat stories released, full with content around the scavenger hunt, clues and timings for prospect students to participate.

The day of the Open Day, Four (04) Geofilters will be activated throughout different areas of the campus within different radiuses. The activity will then require students to seek out these areas (using the information they have gathered from the snapchat stories) to find the geofilters, take a photo or video and share it.

With young demographic groups showing to be more averse to traditional brand marketing, they are driven to engage more with user-generated content with social tie ins. This plays a massive role in the development of this campaign as all the content will be featured in a video compilation of  snaps taken with the geofilters, all generated by prospect students, for prospect students.

Each Geofilter will be themed with artwork that relates to each major of the Communications Degree at Western Sydney University. This concept not only contributes to more creative and interactive snaps, but prospect students can also engage more in the concept of the unit and the majors that can be studied within it, based on the artwork on the filters and the overall fun interactive campaign itself promoting the degree.


#Findyourfuture is what we feel is the most relevant approach to the snapchat scavenger hunt. Firstly, the phrase houses the work ‘find’ which ties in well with the activity. The act of a scavenger hunt insists you are in search to find what you are looking for.
The other reason is the strong link to the career outcome focus of the communications degree at Western Sydney Uni that the campaign is helping drive. Rather than focus on the educational side, promoting the opportunities beyond university resonates with the mind set of current school leavers. Although the reputation of universities remain a core factor in the decision making process, the students are becoming increasingly hard-headed and are more so contemplating what they will get out of their education.


With the huge success of Pokemon GO, the concept of a scavenger hunt is a trending concept with B2C brands. It is becoming evident that people are engaging more with campaigns when there are real life experiences and these proven activations are seeing an increase in followers and engagement.

Core messaging that came through on the Pokemon Go campaign was the buzz word ‘GO’ and all the positivity that pairs with it. Explore, Play Together, Unite, all positive reinforcing factors that promote participation and social engagement, which in university life, plays a primary role.

A snapchat scavenger hunt is not only a fun interactive digital playground but also an opportunity for prospect students to meet, work together and socialise with other people who have similar interests and motivations as them.

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