Business Objectives

Objective 1: Increase Website Traffic on Western Sydney’s School of Humanities & Communication Arts Website.

We’d like to see a 10% increase in website traffic to the School of Humanities and Communication Arts (HCA) website by November 2017. WSU must ensure they are engaged in the digital market ensuring a sustained footprint to effectively reach our intended target audience. Ideally, this will be achieved through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and optimization through Google Analytics and Google AdWords tools. These tools appropriately align with the brief as the budget is $10,000 and fees are based on actual interactions and conversions of visitors.

The ability to benchmark a budget in Google AdWords is ideal for low-budget advertising (Plaza, 2011), and setting up a 10% goal metric will allow Google Analytics to track this progress and manage SEM activity to achieve this goal, making it achievable and realistic. An increase by 10% is quantifiable and will be managed through SEM impressions and URL Destination Goals that are set up to analyze what advertising is gaining most traction, and provide insight on how to optimize these ads in future (Google Analytics, 2017).

In conjunction with this, website content will be readily available via social media websites and vise-versa aligning with the aforementioned objective. Being able to traffic on Google Analytics through assessing page views, keywords, visitors, and length of stay will prove vital to monitoring and optimizing search engine strategies (Zilincan, 2015).

 Objective 2: Increase Social Media communication/presence by the University by 15%

We aim to increase the online social media presence of the School of HCA by 15% come November 2017. This intertwines with the brief as an increase in overall website traffic will also encourage visitors to connect with them on the social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat through a call to action (CTA). Ideally, this CTA will sit alongside the homepage with live social media updates to further encourage connections.

Increasing social media communication and interaction between WSU and prospective students from May to November will ensure the university builds a rapport with high school leavers (Piskorski, 2014), effectively ensuring that by the time they need to decide on their post-school life they have the relationship with WSU to desire and pursue a degree with the School of Humanities and Communication Arts.

Setting a 15% benchmark is realistic, as the management of social media has become easier through social media management tools. A tactic to manage this objective will be to use of Hootsuite, a social media dashboard that allows the scheduled posting of content set up in advance (Geho & Dangelo, 2012). Correlating these scheduled postings with Google analytics will effectively increase the website traffic and online social media presence of the School of HCA.

Objective 3: Increase Social Media Engagement by High School Students / Leavers by 10%

We’d like to establish a 15% increase in social media engagement by High School Students by November 2017. Setting a 15% benchmark is realistic as our target audience are utilizing these content sharing sites to create, share and discuss businesses (Kietzmann, et. Al, 2011). Utilizing Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat platforms will effectively resonate in the minds of high school students, connecting with them directly at a deeper level unlike traditional marketing methods (Neti, 2011).

Coinciding with the brief, increasing the social media presence of the School of Humanities and Communication Arts will effectively reach our intended target audience as they’re highly influenced and are more likely to engage with the digital realm (Lytle, 2012), deeming Social Media a paramount tactic to reaching these individuals. Engagement levels will in turn be tracked with metrics including brand awareness (comments, shares, tags, mentions and uploads) as well as traffic (likes) (Plume, 2016). A key medium worth focusing on is the use of Snapchat, the youngest form of popularized social media. By using Snapchat, WSU will provide a personal window into the way people see the university, where these snaps will be reflective of the WSU brand and morals (Dobies & Nelson, 2016).

Objective 4: Increase Enrolments for the School of Humanities & Communication Arts

By increasing the overall brand engagement of high school leavers with WSU’s digital platforms we move to the next objective, being lead generation, where driving awareness and consideration around the course is paramount. Each objective has essentials lead to this overarching objective of transitioning high school leavers to enrolling into a degree within the School of Humanities and Communication Arts realm. To effectively tie together all campaign objectives this objective will focus on generating 1,000 new leads within a 6-month period between May to November 2017.

Benchmarking this at 1,000 new enrolments is measurable making it achievable and realistic as it resonates with the aforementioned objectives which effectively lead up to the conversion stage of the enrolment process, meaning that every tactic presented in this digital campaign will be achieved.