The $10,000 budget is to be split between Search, Snapchat and Facebook (including Instagram).

 Hootsuite – $36

Hootsuite will be used to help manage the social media profiles. It will be vital to our organic posting and tracking progress of current posts and the conversations around them.

The price breakdown is $6 per month, run over the 6 months.

 Adwords – $3,684

The Adwords budget will be utilised during the university selection time for high school students. While we will not be using Adwords necessarily for driving awareness and engagement, it is still vital to ensure WSU is visible through Google during the time in which students are looking to make enrolment decisions.


  • Communications degree CPC: $25.54
  • Communications Major CPC: $11.47
  • Degree in communications CPC: $20.10
  • Journalism degree CPC: $11.74
  • Journalism courses CPC: $1.45
  • Advertising degree CPC: $12.633
  • Advertising courses CPC: $3.61
  • Public relations courses CPC: $2.94
  • Public relations degree CPC: $29.31
  • Pr degree CPC: $22.17
  • Media degree CPC: $6.49
  • Media courses CPC: $1.67

*Pricing from Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Snapchat – $280

The budget for Snapchat is broken down into the cost per Geofilter. Each Geofilter costs  $70 which means the budget for Snapchat is minimal but will have great effect.

Facebook (inclusive of Instagram) – $6,000

Facebook and Instagram being the primary means of achieving our goals, it is natural that a large portion of the budget go to it. We are able to precisely target high school within the available targeting feature which means the $6,000 budget will only be spent on delivering a message to those in which the message is intended for.

Facebook has provided estimated daily results:

  • 3,300-12,000 people reached
  • 46-280 post interactions

*Pricing from Facebook Adverts Manager

Total Cost: $10,000