Hi All

Below are the responsibilities we came up with in the tutorial:

Overall website design – RICKY CAN YOU TAKE THE REIGNS ON THIS?

Campaign pitch tab: video/ or link to video ALL to contribute to footage and script- RACHEL to edit with RICKY to provide graphics as needed

Business objectives: KIPS/Target – VERONICA

Research: How we got to the idea – research on snapchat etc. RICKY
Target audience: VERONICA
Creative & Content: how they came up with their creative concept- concept overview, concept reasoning RACHEL
Social media sites: youtube, link to youtube mage – facebook, with link to fb page, + how its all going to work to drive campaign message – ANASTASIA & RUTENDO
Editorial calendar: 6 month calendar. ANASTASIA with everyone to assist in what is going in. ANASTASIA to use template provided is VUWS
Measurement and analysis: how we are going to measure the engagement RUTENDO
Budget: ALL
References: ALL

lets get going on it all 🙂 a Major one is the video, need to get footage so we can compile it all. Have a look through the script I posted, this needs editing and needs to only communicate the idea (not stats/targets etc)

Thanks! RM


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