So I have been doing a bit of research into the concept of Snapchat as the digital tool to recruit new high school prospects and I have come up with some core concepts.

A few notes around the power of snapchat that we should mention in the pitch.

“Snapchat is immediate, personal, and reaches the students where you can find them most: on their phone,”

“Snapchat as a whole is like a twenty-first century way to capture what a school has to offer.”

“When you post a tweet, maybe 1,000 of your 5,500 Twitter followers will look at it,’ Whereas if you post something on Snapchat and you have 2,000 followers, you’ll get 1,900 views.”

“Geofilters are kind of like a check-in or a passport stamp that allows users to mark a moment.”

“The interesting feature of the app is that Snapchat posts “disappear” after 24-hours so there is urgency behind the posts and many students check Snapchat hourly. This can be appealing to marketers since they have higher likelihood of their post being seen in the moment.”

So with these kinds of references its clear the tool is perfect for our campaign and our market. The question is, how do we use it to effectively engage with our target audience?…I have been watching the example executive summaries on VUWS for some more direction on how to do the pitch and they all have a very clear call to action..whether this is film a one minute video on what ‘Australian’ means to you…or take a picture of an Australian landmark and hashtag #DONTFRACKTHIS to help support the campaign TRAVEL FOR CHANGE (I Liked this one) there is very clear and engaging direction.

Some of the responses I came across from students, they appreciate seeing posts on snapchat around campus culture etc. they mentioned things like “If you’re visiting a college or you get a Snapchat from someone who’s visiting a college and they have a filter, you assume, at least for me, that school is a lot of fun and they’re in the school spirit,”

So…some core ideas. (Suggestions also please..and these may need refining!)


Budget $10k used on:

Geofilters on UWS Parramatta uni grounds

Possibly a call out fee for a celebrity ambassador (news reporter aligned with the uni)

Props for set up of photo stations at uni (read on for detail)

Paid social media to promote the snapchat account.


Set up 4 x Geofilters that will be active at different hours of the day on the UWS open day.

Each Geofilter will be designed to relate to the four majors of the communications degree…i.e

Public Relations – maybe a lecture with a microphone and text that says “school of communications and arts”

Advertising – the outskirts of the screen can appear like the front of a magazine cover or something, again aligned with the text “school of communications and arts”

Journalism – maybe like a news desk or a pen and pad or something? (need ideas!) aligned with “school of communications and arts”

Media Production – A tv camera of sorts..and aligned with “school of communications and arts”

I am OK on photoshop and could do some dummy mock ups but if anyone is a pro on this program feel free to step in to do some designs 🙂

The Geofilter campaign will be run as a ‘treasure hunt’ style on the university grounds during the UNI open day. Leading into it, we could have a celebrity ambassador (news reporter or something) take over the snapchat account to announce to prospect students interested in a communications degree to come to the open day to #findyourfuture. They can upload frequently with more details about the campaign which will encourage prospect students to remain engaged with the account (best thing about snapchat is the idea of urgency, people need to view the stories within a certain time frame or they miss out) so the announcer can keep releasing clues (times to be at the uni) (clues about certain areas to be in) (hashtags to include in the posts) etc.


during different time period and in small radius’ there will be the 4 different geofilters activated. where students need to take the photos will include prop stations that will relate to the majors. The area to take the photo for journalism could look like a crime scene for example, so the student takes a photo in the area with the geofilter and hashtags #findyourfuture. The end result will be a compilation of videos and photos of students who participated with a winner who completes all first or something has a behind the scenes experience with the ambassador (or something along those lines of an incentive).

So the campaign obviously provides subtle detail into the fun stuff you can study in the school of communications and the fun engaging approach to prospect students is a great first impression. Using the hashtah #findyourfuture is a sweet way of suggesting to a student “what will be you major? where do you see your career heading”?

Geofilters can also be diagnosed with analytics because Snapchat provides figures on how many filters are used. You can understand how many times frames were used and how many times videos/photos were viewed so the engagement and success of the campaign can be reported on.


YES THERE IS A LOT HERE SORRY! But had to throw it all in before I forgot! let me know your thoughts on the idea and how we can make it better! and of course how we turn it into a strong pitch.

We will need some strong stats on snapchat, details of our target audience and how that impacts snap chat (I know the stats for the age group we are targeted are massive with this platform) and some really clear objectives we are covering in our approach.

Looking forward to all your feedback!




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