Executive Summary Video

Hi Ya’ll!

Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

Just with regards to the video, as mentioned I am confident with pulling together something .. based on the idea around SNAPCHAT I thought the WHOLE video can be a compilation of Snapchat videos! We can communicate what we need to through the fun geofilters, sponsorlen’s and filters to make a real point on the digital product!

I wanted to see if everyone was keen on the concept of pushing snapchat as the digital tool to help increase enrollments and if we were all agreed we can start pulling together a script and we can all film our parts for the video, send them to me and I can put it all together!

We need to also discuss the other aspects of the brief and get the rest of it done around this concept.


Let me know thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Executive Summary Video

  1. rickybuckley says:

    Yeah I think SnapChat would be a great idea for our video. Just a whole heap of short clips.

    Some ideas on it could be maybe include having a WSU Communication snapchat set up and each week or day we give control to (reliable) students who give a little insight into their weekly schedule as a comm student. Maybe following them through their days, internships, group work, fun activies, tutes and things like that.


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