RM – Campaign Objectives

In regards to the objectives we were discussing in the tutorial, reading through what everyone did for their individual, 3 seem to become a trend/relevant to our brief. Let me know your thoughts?

Increase Social Media Engagement
Increase Web Traffic on Western Sydney Uni School of Humanities and Comms page
Increase digital presence (on additional sites like parent blogs etc)

In reference to this, I had included some of the following:

Social Media Engagement

Engage with students through the University Facebook page and increase the page following from 138,398 to 140,398 (2000 follower increase) within a 6-month period.

Launch a Facebook campaign to encourage users to upload an image or video of what they believe represents the concept of communication.

Users will be encouraged to share the contest with friends and family with the chance to still be rewarded with a prize if one of the tagged friends wins the competition,

Engagement levels can be tracked with metrics such as likes, shares, comments, tags, mentions and uploads (for the competition).

Increase Web Traffic

Increase online traffic for the course website by 10% within a 6-month period.

The traffic will be acquired through the implementation of SEO on Google allowing the School to rank as high as possible on search engine results.

The other tactic will be Google Ad Words, which will contribute a considerable advantage ensuring article titles and information on the web page are also picked up in search engine results.

In conjunction with this, the website content will be relevant and available on the Facebook page to encourage further engagement with audiences.

Traffic will be tracked using Google analytics, assessing page views, unique visitors and length of visits on the page. The performance on particular key words will also be an important asset to monitor in regards to search engine strategies.

Between the months of May and November, universities host information evenings and open days for high school students to introduce them to the courses on offer. The 6-month time frame will allow for primary engagement with a seeking audience in need of relevant information on tertiary direction.

I know some of you have included some of the other trends in your individual work so please feel free to share so we can collate and agree on what our key objectives will be for the brief!



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