Hi Team

My brain has been buzzing all day and I have been doing some research into past campaigns of university and colleges – more importantly WHAT WORKS!

For our objective of social media engagement, I have focused more on SNAPCHAT!

Some great stats:
Recent statistics note that 60% of Snapchat users are between the ages of 13 – 24
Snapchats video views are greater than Facebook
Snapchat has more users than twitter

Snapchat is a great social media platform to communicate to users in real time. Some ideas I had floating around (that need refining):

Creating GeoFilters for students in certain areas… something relevant to the communications degree which is fun! perhaps it can be something #onthescene or #myfutureself where the backdrop is something relevant to the comms industry that they can share? (on one of the snapchat stories) hosted by Westernsydneyuni (if anyone is more in tune with the mechanics of this please chip in)

Celebrity take over of the account: where a news reporter, magazine publisher, PR professional can upload behind the scenes footage in the life of a communications career with reference to the school of communications at Western Sydney as your first step
(This concept can also be a great way to promote internships the uni is offering relevant to the course)

holding Q&A sessions via Snapchat to get quick and real time responses with regards to the course. As part of a snapchat story, an allocated WSU staff member can create content advising followers they can chat about the course. This could be the platform the direct to the website for more information?

Generic messaging can be delivered through this platform on open days, registration dates and direction to website platforms for more information

Some ideas to consider! but I think Snapchat is a winner with the high school demographic, something engaging, interactive and fun for the age group and a great tool to promote the highlights of a communications course!

Let me know your thoughts on how we could maybe use this as a tool and how this could also support our other objectives!

RM x



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