Hootsuite Discussion

Hey Guys!

So just thinking about Hootsuite and how we can use this interface as apart of our strategy.

This will be a massive, massive help as social media and digital interaction overall is pretty much what the whole brief was about.  Being able to manage and leverage social media in one database to affectively be able to achieve the professional goals we set out for the HCA would be great. We’ll be able to report on the progression and optimise on strategies where need be and I think that’s a huge concern when dealing with clients because the first thing they ask is ‘HOW IS THIS MEASURABLE? and HOW DO WE MEASURE THE INTERACTION/CTR OF THIS’. Hootsuite will be able to provide all of that and we’ll be able to do it a hell of a lot easier if we’re managing it all together.

I think the number 1 deterrent of social media marketing i the time commitment required to keep the profiles active- because let’s be real it’s a full time job! so Hootsuite will act as that employee that will schedule and manager everything for us for several months, even if we just set it up on the first day of each month or 2nd month. life saver!!

Because the brief is based in Western Sydney we’ll be able to use their geo-targeting tool where you can search for relevant conversations in the WS area in order to boost post effetiveness and CTR/Engagement of viewers- hugeeee for our objectives as well!!!

Anyways that’s all I can think of atm let me know your thoughts 🙂



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