Customer Profile Discussion

Let’s start with the most obvious point! i.e basic demographics:

Customer: 17 year old. Could be male of female whichever. We do not discriminate.

Location: MUST be from a Western Sydney based school- I have thought of OLMC (Our Lady of Mercy College- my high school based in Parramatta) – Residing with the brief of WS.

job description: student but works part time at the local supermaket/chemist/retail store.


Psychographics: feeling overwhelmed with the pressures of sitting/preparing to sit the HSC – looking for help, support online. I think a good point to make here is that students will be looking at university degrees (through an undergraduate handbook etc) to see what’s on offer, the cut off ATARs etc – trying to understand what’s in store for their future. a good point to make here is that SOCIAL MEDIA IS HUGE!!! for this demographic, it’s their form of escape, it’s where they seek help, feel normal etc.

Rational & Social Behaviours: I think basing this on what they consider when picking a university would be good? for instance for me it was all about location and the convenience of travel and more importantly the double degrees that were on offer that no other university offered at the time (Business/ Comm). Another thing to consider here is that the opinions of other particularly friends and family contributes massively to the choices they make!!

That’s all I’ve got for this one! What are your thoughts??
Thanks guys!

V 🙂





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