Campaign Objectives Discussion

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2 thoughts on “Campaign Objectives Discussion

  1. veronicawehbe says:

    Hey Guys! After reading over the brief a couple of times I have developed a few brief smart objectives. Let me know what you think 🙂
    SMART OBJECTIVE 1: Increase Website Traffic by 10%
    – We’d like to see grown in website traffic to the School of Humanities and Communication Arts (HCA) website by November 2017.
    – Ideally, we’d like to achieve this growth through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and optimisations through Google Analytics and Google AdWords Tools. – Aligning well with the brief as fees are based on actual interactions/ conversations and click through rates (CTR) of visitors.

    SMART OBJECTIVE 2: Increase Social Media communication/presence by the University by 15% come November 2017.
    – This will be based on visitor interactions with social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter. We can do this through a Call To Action (CTA) that’ll sit alongside the homepage of the HCA Website (which aligns well with our first objective of increasing website traffic).

    SMART OBJECTIVE 3: Collaborate digitally with one local High School through a partnership.
    – Making sure this partnership is with a Western Sydney based school is important. I think this is a huge one as it’ll reach 100% of the target audience. We can do this through an online portal that the high school has (similar to VUWS but for high school students!)

    SMART OBJECTIVE 4: 15% rise in Social Media Engagement by High School students by November 2017
    – currently sitting at 4,502 followers, and we’d like that to increase to 5,178 (more than achievable if we follow through with all the aforementioned objectives right?? should be more if anything!)

    so by the end of 2017 we’d like to see that each objective has been met in this order and they all interrelate and reside well with each other. Each objective leads to the next and I think that’s important in any campaign objectives.

    Let me know what you guys think!!!



    • rachelmorris23 says:

      This is amazing V!
      The only thing to note which I received as feedback on some of my objectives is to ensure we relate it purely to the School of Humanities and Communications and not so much just the Uni itself. All of this can be translated to be directed to the school anyway but we just need to make that clear.
      Nice work!


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